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Nintendo Wii: World of Zoo

Become a wild animal expert with this spectacular virtual zoo.

Suitable for: 7+

Rating: 10/10

Suitable for: 6+

Level: Easy

If you love animals then this game is definitely for you. You get to learn loads of interesting things about wild animals while you build your own zoo. You can even make the animals your own special pets by changing their colours and stripe and spot patterns. Care for them and play with them, and if you have happy animals you can buy more, or build a fancy play place!

  • Best bits: Interacting with the animals in your zoo is fun. The best part is keeping them happy.
  • Worst bits: You might tire of seeing the same animals, but there’s really more than enough of them to keep you busy.
  • Tip: Try out the creature editor. You can mix and match different animal body parts – hours of enjoyment!

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Watch the game trailer here: 

If your parents want to know more about this game, they can read about it here.

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