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Four square

You’ll need open space, a ball that bounces and at least three other people to play with.

Suitable for: 7+

This ball game is played on a square court that is divided into four smaller squares. You can draw the court with chalk. 

One player stands in each square and a ball (tennis ball, volley ball or soccer ball) is bounced between the four players who each defend a square. Bounce the ball into another person’s square before that person catches it. The aim is to knock out the other players and move up to the square with the highest ranking. Players can be knocked out for the following reasons:

  • Not bouncing the ball into another square
  • Bouncing the ball out of turn
  • Bouncing the ball on the court lines
  • Hitting the ball out of bounds
  • Letting the ball bounce twice in your own square
  • Holding or carrying the ball
  • Hitting the ball so that it bounces 

Knocked-out players leave the court and remaining players move up to the next highest square. A new player joins the court in the lowest square and those who were knocked out wait in line for their next turn. However, the highest-ranking player can’t be eliminated; instead he or she moves to the lowest ranking spot.

Watch a video about how to play the game here:

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