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We review: Recycle Hero

Learn about recycling and saving our planet with Recycle Hero!

Rating: 4/5

Suitable for: 4+

Level: Medium


Recycle Hero is a fun and interactive app that teaches children of all ages about recycling and saving our planet in six exciting games.

Best bits

Each game has six levels. You become part of the Yogome Squad to fight Evil Queen Ignorantia as she tries to pollute the planet. The goal of the game is to clean up and organise rubbish into appropriate containers for recycling. You’ll get points for doing this, which you can use to buy special powers for your character! It’s more than just entertaining, it’s also an opportunity to learn about saving our planet.

Worst bits

We are still waiting to find something we don’t like about this game. It’s educational and fun! What do you think?

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