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Unwanted items can become special creations…

Whisk and cutlery wind chime

You’ll need:

  • Old whisk
  • Pliers
  • Fishing line or beading wire
  • 6 pieces of unwanted cutlery
  • Hammer
  • Beads or buttons
  • Eye hooks (one for each piece of cutlery)

Step 1

Snip 3 of the whisk’s wires with the pliers. Shape the snipped wire ends into 6 curled hooks for the cutlery.

Step 2

Nicely wrap the fishing line or beading wire around the handle of the cutlery. Add a pretty bead or button if you like.

Step 3

When you reach the end of the handle, thread an eye hook through the wire and then wind the wire back down again. Fasten the wire so it is secure and snip off any excess.

Step 4

Hang each piece of completed cutlery on one of the hooks you made on the whisk, using the eye hooks.

REMEMBER: Always ask an adult to help you when using tools.

TIP: Ask an adult to help you flatten the cutlery with a hammer. This will ensure it hangs properly.

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