Need some help?

We have 4 types of physical Spur Family Cards. Flip your one over and look out for one of the below card numbers. Please enter the full number, highlighted in the red box, into the registration field.

Family card validation - step 1
Family card validation - step 2
Family card validation - step 3
Family card validation - step 4

Still unsure? Contact Customer Care on 0860 00 7787.

Are you a big gamer?

Here are a few ideas:

Before the party

What’s your favourite game? You can make it the theme of your party and arrange décor and create invitations based on the game and the characters. If you have plenty of favourites, you can even include all of them.


Choose the games you’re going to play before the party starts. Ideally, you've got your favourite in mind, but have a back-up or two that people can vote on. Keep it down to three so you don't spend half an hour of your party trying to decide!

During the party

Choose games that include everyone. This way all your friends can get involved and no one is left out. It’s way more fun to play together. 


Be sure to keep the snacks away from the gaming equipment. You can have all sorts of game-themed eats, just make sure to stick to easy-to-eat items. You don’t want people to get their hands dirty and leave greasy fingers all over your console! 

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