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Hey party animal! Put on your khaki trousers, it’s safari time…

We are so lucky that we live in a country where there are amazing animals, like the Big Five… If you love creatures of all shapes and sizes, then choose a safari party.


Download our awesome safari passport invitation, which will tell all your friends where to be and give them plenty of time to get excited about your big day!


When you're on safari, you need to create the right mood. Here are a few awesome ideas…

Downloadable paw prints

Print out these paw prints and stick them on the walls or floor - they'll lead your friends in the right direction and make them wonder what might be hiding around the next corner!

Leaves and vines

A safari isn't all about grass and sand. Some African animals live in the jungle, which is why your treats table will need some big leaves or vines to create a real safari scene. Use long branches or twigs from the garden to decorate the table and the walls. You can buy green cardboard and cut out big leaves to attach to the branches.


Big Five masks

Download these masks and have feathers, glitter, crayons and stickers ready to decorate them.

A safari treasure hunt

You'll need:

  • A treasure map for each guest
  • Small plastic animals/insects (one for each guest)
  • Small box or bag for each guest

Before the party, hide the plastic animals in groups around the garden. Prepare a map of the garden and highlight the areas where the animals are hidden.

An adult will need to help with this game. Each guest gets their own treasure map and a small bag or box to gather their treasure.

The "safari guide" (the adult) can lead guests on an expedition through the garden. At each stop, the guide gives a riddle and the answer will lead everyone to the next destination. The animals and insects can be gathered in each child’s bag and taken home as a party pack.

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