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Party themes

Throw a "make a mess" party!

Your mom can't tell you off for making a mess if your party is all about mess! This is one of the coolest party themes of the year. Here are a few things you can do:

Remember: On your invitations, ask guests to wear old clothes and to bring painting smocks. If you have an apron you don’t mind getting dirty, that’ll do just as well.


  • Set up stations around the garden for messy activities. Don’t forget the cleaning station, which can be a big tub of water, soap and some towels for washing up before going home.
  • You and your friends can make your own smocks too. Buy oversized T-shirts and make handprints all over them. You and your guests can wear them for every messy activity.
  • Dough station – make an easy, two-ingredient pizza dough with a cup each of Greek yogurt and self-raising flour, roll it out on the table and put out cookie cutters and shape rollers. You can even add toppings and bake it afterwards to eat at your party or for friends to take home.
  • Make a mess of giant bubbles! Pour 10 cups of water into a bucket, slowly add 1 cup of dishwashing liquid and 3–4 tablespoons of liquid glycerin, and stir gently. Avoid frothing or foaming the bubbles at this stage. Let this liquid mixture sit for 24 hours before using it. Before the party, pour the liquid into the bottom of a small paddling pool. You and your guests can use a hula hoop as the bubble wand.
  • Decorate your own cupcakes – fill a muffin tray with various cake decorations and different icing colours, and let guests decorate chocolate or vanilla muffins to their heart’s content!
  • Make large batches of jelly. Tip all of it into a small paddling pool and you and your guests can play and wrestle in the pool of jelly.
  • Make simple goo. Put 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda into a suitable container and pour in white craft clue. Add some food colouring and pour in a little water. Mix well until the colour is just right and store in an airtight container. This is a fun addition to a messy party.


It’s a VIP rock star party!

If you love singing and dancing to your favourite songs, you’ll love our VIP rock star party ideas!

What to do

  • You’ll need a karaoke machine, microphones, glow sticks, inflatable or real instruments, disco balls and feather boas. Add anything else that your favourite star might have on stage.
  • Make a red carpet leading to your door using a roll of red wrapping paper or painted cardboard. Using chalk, draw big stars on the driveway floor and write one guest’s name in each star to make it look like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  • Put up a banner near the front door reading: “Rock Concert Sold Out!”
  • Make your invitations look like backstage passes, or hand out passes to your friends when they arrive.
  • Hang up posters of your favourite pop stars around the lounge. On closed doors in your house, paste signs that read “Dressing Room”, “Make-up” or “Recording in Session”.
  • Create a stage by hanging up a white sheet against one wall. You can ask your parents to help you paint big black speakers on the sheet on both sides, then hang fairy lights around the edges.
  • For snacks, serve fries or popcorn in paper cups, like they do at concert stadiums.
  • Serve sparkling apple juice in plastic champagne glasses.
  • Other cool snack ideas include microphone ice cream cones, and CD- or star-shaped sugar cookies.
  • Your rock star guests need rock star party favours: give them temporary tattoos, inflatable musical instruments and cool sunglasses.

Rock on!


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