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High tea party

Bite-sized sandwiches, teeny biscuits and beautifully decorated cupcakes… Buttercup loves high tea! If you want to spoil your friends on your birthday, then why not invite them round to sip from delicate teacups and nibble on cake. It's easy to do and is so much fun!


First, use our downloadable high tea invitation to tell your friends when and where your party is. They will love the cute pattern. You can add your own bows or glitter to make it unique.


When it comes to high tea, the most important thing (apart from the food, of course) is the decor. You can make your treat table look gorgeous with a few homemade touches: pink, flowers and bows. The more the merrier!


It's simple, but classy. You can buy it, but it's so much better to make just the right bunting for your party. You'll need cardboard in the colours of your choice, ribbon, a ruler and a hole punch. Cut out as many triangles as you need, being careful to make sure they are all the same size (ask an adult to help with the cutting). If you have pretty wrapping paper, you can stick that on the card too. Then punch holes in the two top corners of the triangle and weave the ribbon through.

Tissue paper puffs

We love these, because they are so easy and so pretty. Choose your colour tissue paper, then stack the sheets and fold up accordion-style, loosely wrap a rubber band around the middle, then gently pull the pieces apart. You can snip the ends of the tissue paper before you pull it apart for a slightly neater finish.

Pretty flower napkin rings

These gorgeous napkin rings are easy to make and affordable. You need some small fake flowers, kitchen roll tubes, hot glue gun, washi tape and scissors. Cut the tube about 5cm thick. Wrap the washi tape around the cardboard ring to cover it. Arrange the flowers on the tube then ask an adult to hot glue them to the rings.


Make a fan

Each fan needs 3 Ă— A4 pages stuck together, lengthways. Your friends can use watercolours to lightly paint beautiful patterns. When it has dried, fold it up, accordion-style (ask an adult to help) and secure one end with sticky tape. Glue a drinking straw or wooden lollipop stick to each end so it keeps its shape. Then fold it open and fan!

Flower arranging

Collect flowers of different sizes and colours and lay them out on a table with bits of ribbon. Fake flowers work well as they won't die. But real flowers do smell better, so it's up to you. Your friends can make their own posies to take home. This is a lovely idea for a party favour too. Everyone loves flowers!

Teacup balancing

For this game, your friends need to balance a teacup on their head and see how far they can walk without it falling off. Put the teacup upside down to make it a bit easier. And remember to check that it's okay with your parents, just in case someone drops a cup.

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