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We have 4 types of physical Spur Family Cards. Flip your one over and look out for one of the below card numbers. Please enter the full number, highlighted in the red box, into the registration field.

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Letters to Soaring Eagle

Dear Soaring Eagle,
My name is Chirag. I am 10 years old. I love planting fruit in my family garden, but I only know how to plant oranges. I was hoping you could tell me how to plant bananas? I love Buttercup because she helps the Secret Tribe keep the planet clean. My dad and I do our bit too - we collect all the cans we can find and my dad takes it to a place that gives you money for the cans. My dad puts all the money into a savings account for me. We also switch off all our lights from 6pm to 7pm each night. On Earth Day each year, we join a group that cleans up a park near our house. Say hi to the Secret Tribe for me!
From Chirag
Dear Soaring Eagle,
My name is Jordan. I love to recycle plastics, cardboard, paper, gift bags, cans, old batteries and CDs. I have been doing this since Grade 1! My passion grew when I stayed in Pretoria as we got to wear our civvies to school if we collected the most recycling! I've been one of the top recyclers at my school for the last two terms. So much more could be done if all of us became aware of the importance of recycling! My goal is to start an awareness project that will get more families recycling by providing them with recycling bins.
From Jordan
Dear Soaring Eagle,
My name is Isabella and I'm 10 years old. I attend The Grove Primary in Claremont and I always go to the Fish Hoek Spur. I love the magazine soooo much - it has such great activities. My little sister, Olivia, also loves it. You guys are the best! I just wanted to tell you that I planted a tree yesterday to help stop global warming.
From Isabella