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Coolest scientific discoveries ever!

Science is awesome!

You need:

A round balloon


Papier mâché glue

Paint (blue, green, brown, yellow and white)

A map of the world

A paintbrush

Steps to follow:

3200 BC: The wheel

It’s believed that the first wheel used for transportation was used on chariots in Mesopotamia (known as Iraq today). It’s impossible to imagine life without them!

105 AD: Paper

Although the word paper comes from ‘papyrus’ (a plant found in Egypt long ago) the Chinese were the first to turn plant pulp into something to write and draw on. Before that writing was done on bamboo or silk.

1862: Pasteurisation

This is a process of heating food to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time, then cooling it down immediately. This keeps food preserved for longer. It was named after the French chemist, Louis Pasteur, who invented it.

1867: Movie projectors

William Lincoln was an American who created the first machine that showed animated pictures of movies. This device was called a “wheel of life” or “zoopraxiscope”(say: zoo-prak-si-skope).  

1876: Telephone

The brainchild of Alexander Graham Bell, the first telephone was called “an apparatus for transmitting vocal or other sounds telegraphically”, just a fancy way of describing it.

1879: The light bulb

American inventor Thomas Alva Edison was very fond of doing all kinds of cool experiments and he tried thousands of times before he created the first light bulb. Securing a carbon filament inside an oxygen-free bulb, he made a bulb that burned for almost 40 hours.

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