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Go global

Make your own globe and stick pins in all the places you want to go.

You need:

A round balloon


Papier mâché glue

Paint (blue, green, brown, yellow and white)

A map of the world

A paintbrush

Steps to follow:

Step 1:

Blow up the balloon and tie it tightly. Tear 10 pages of newspaper into strips about 5cm wide and 15cm long.

Step 2:

Dip the strips into the papier mâché glue. Stick the strips onto the balloon until the whole surface is covered.

Step 3:

Once your first layer is on, let it dry for a few hours before you put on the next layer. Do another four layers, leaving to dry after each layer.

Step 4:

When your papier mâché is completely dry, you’re ready to paint. Use an atlas and mark out the continents and countries in pencil on the balloon globe. Paint once you’re ready. Now you can stick pins in all the places you want to go! 

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