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Baking with Buttercup!


Buttercup loves baking. Here are 8 tips to follow every time you bake.

Let’s get busy… but first, read through Buttercup’s list of things to remember when working in the kitchen:

REMEMBER: Always help tidy up once you’re done so the next person who uses the kitchen has the same clean space to work with!

1. Wash your hands

Before you start cooking or baking, your hands should be washed with soap and water. There are yucky germs everywhere so clean up first. Plus, don’t forget to wear an apron to protect your clothes!

2. Be safe

There are things in the kitchen that are dangerous. Always ask an adult to help you when you need to use a knife or take things out of a hot oven.  

3. Check what you need

Read the recipe before you start to make sure you have all the bowls, spoons and measuring things that you need. Check that you have all the ingredients too.

4. Is the recipe good for you?

As kids, we need lots of energy for running around and playing. Cake and muffins have eggs, milk and proteins, which are all good for giving you energy, but too much sugar is bad for you.  

5. Know your measurements

Liquids like milk, oil and water are measured in millilitres, which is written like this: 3ml. Dry ingredients are measured in grams or kilograms and written like this: 10g or 2kg.

6. Have fun

The best part about baking or cooking (apart from eating, of course!) is having fun while you’re doing it. Turn on some music or invite a friend to join you. If you’re making cake or something sweet, you can get creative with sprinkles, icing and decorations. 

7. Save electricity

Boil only the amount of water that you need. Close the fridge properly and don’t forget to turn off the oven when you’re done!

8. Recycle

Save glass jars and ice cream containers to store things in. When you peel fruit or vegetables, add the scraps to your compost heap. Plus you can keep any seeds and try to grow them! 

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