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We have 4 types of physical Spur Family Cards. Flip your one over and look out for one of the below card numbers. Please enter the full number, highlighted in the red box, into the registration field.

Family card validation - step 1
Family card validation - step 2
Family card validation - step 3
Family card validation - step 4

Still unsure? Contact Customer Care on 0860 00 7787.

Letters to Buffalo Brave

Dear Buffalo Brave,
My name is Owethu. I am now 8 years old. I am in Grade 2. I am a big fan of you guys and I love the goodies and games at Spur. Every year on my birthday I go and eat at Spur. My mom and Spur make my birthday a very special day for me and I feel like a princess. Love you guys a lot! Mncwaaaa!
From Owethu
Dear Buffalo Brave,
My name is Ryan and I'm 7 years old. I'm in Grade 2. I love going to Spur. My mum and dad take me and my sister there. We love playing in the playroom. The people there are friendly. I like the macaroni and cheese pasta and the waffles with ice cream. My sister likes the chocolate milkshake. We love Spur! I asked my mum to help me send this to you.
From Ryan
Dear Buffalo Brave,
My family and I are now officially Eco Warriors. We started by collecting e-waste. Now we are looking for other products that we can recycle. I understand why nature is very important and I promise to look after Earth. We should preserve Mother Earth.
From Sedzani