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Go green!

If you are wondering what old car tyres have to do with going green, then look no further...

We are going to show you how to make a worm farm using reused and recycled materials. Before you know it, you will have excellent compost for the garden!

You'll need:

  • A piece of corrugated iron or garden plastic
  • 3 or 4 old car tyres
  • Lots of newspaper
  • Soil and compost mix
  • Tiger worms
  • A lid covering the tyres to keep off flies


How to make your worm farm:

  1. Pick a suitable spot and place your chosen base on the ground (the corrugated iron or garden plastic).
  2. Stack the tyres on top of this base.
  3. Fill the bottom tyre with bedding material (shredded paper and some damp soil) and add the worms.
  4. Feed worms regularly with kitchen scraps and keep the mixture slightly moist.
  5. Keep worms covered with shredded newspaper then place the lid on top to prevent flies from getting in.
  6. Make sure the bedding for your worms is always moist. You may need to add extra water every two or three weeks in summer.
  7. As the tyre stack fills up (this may take a few months), carefully slide out the bottom tyre and empty it.
  8. The empty tyre is now ready to be reused. Stuff it with fresh, moist newspaper and place on top of the tyre stack. The nutrients from your kitchen scraps are now ready to use in your garden and the number of worms will have increased.
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