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We have 4 types of physical Spur Family Cards. Flip your one over and look out for one of the below card numbers. Please enter the full number, highlighted in the red box, into the registration field.

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Still unsure? Contact Customer Care on 0860 00 7787.

What is Spur Goggles?

Spur Goggles take you to a world of family-friendly fun. Insert your own *compatible smartphone into the Spur Goggles to travel the globe, play exciting games and watch amazing 3D videos – all in virtual reality.

R20 gets you your own Spur Goggles and there are 3 to collect. Once you’ve got yours, download the apps, videos and games below and start exploring – just remember to ask an adult before you get started.

Keep visiting us to download exciting new adventures, and don’t forget to look around!

Dolphins VR

Summer is here! So is the ocean! Oh, Right! Let’s hop on to a dolphin for a ride!

VR Roller Coaster

Experience the real life sensation of this 3D roller coaster and an exciting environment with your mobile virtual reality headset for Google Cardboard or any mobile virtual reality headset.

Discovery VR

In this growing collection of dynamic 360 video experiences, you’ll find exclusive clips from behind-the-scenes of your favorite shows, heart-pounding adventures and stunning celebrations of our incredible planet.

Voxel Fly VR

Avoid all of the cars to fly further than your friends.

Cleanopolis VR

Bring out your inner eco warrior with this Quiz app.

Space Rustlers VR

Shoot down UFOs in this awesome arcade game.

VR Minecart

Collect as many diamonds as you can while you ride along a cart track.

Lamper VR

Collect items as you dodge through dangerous obstacles.

This device is compatible with the following smartphones:

  • Samsung: Galaxy S4, S5, S6, S7 and Nexus.
  • Apple: iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6s.
  • Google: Nexus 4 and 5.
  • Motorola: Moto X

Terms and Conditions

  1. It is recommended that you download content over a stable Wi-Fi connection to avoid additional data charges
  2. Every effort has been made to ensure that the available content is safe for children, but it is recommended that you review downloads regularly.
  3. Spur cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury sustained during the use of the device.
  4. Spur Goggles will be subject to availability while stocks last.
  5. The Spur Goggles and experiences are not recommended for use by children with epilepsy or similar conditions.

Customer care: 0860 007 787

Product safety information

  • Take frequent breaks while using Cardboard. If you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain, or disorientation, immediately discontinue using Cardboard.
  • Cardboard is not for use by children without adult supervision.
  • Do not use Cardboard while driving, walking, or otherwise by being distracted from real world situations that prevent you from obeying traffic or safety laws. Do not drive or operate heavy machinery immediately after using Cardboard if you feel impaired or disoriented.
  • If you have had or could be prone to seizures, consult a doctor before using Cardboard.
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