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We have 4 types of physical Spur Family Cards. Flip your one over and look out for one of the below card numbers. Please enter the full number, highlighted in the red box, into the registration field.

Family card validation - step 1
Family card validation - step 2
Family card validation - step 3
Family card validation - step 4

Still unsure? Contact Customer Care on 0860 00 7787.


Genre: Action/adventure

This Walt Disney movie is set in a world where pesky humans never existed, so the animals run the show. Wiley fox Nick Wilde is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and goes on the run. But Zootopia’s top cop Judy Hopps is hot on his trail. We’ll have to wait until Zootopia hits cinemas in March 2016 to find out what happens, but it’s definitely going to be a hit!

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