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Five top games to play on the beach

Summer is here, so let's get outside and play!

Suitable for: 4+


1. Explore the tidal pools

There is something wonderful about rock pools. You never know what you might find in them – perhaps cool sea anemones, slimy seaweed or even little crabs. Try not to disturb the ecosystem, but there is no harm in gently wading around and seeing what you can spot.

2. Beach relay

Split up into two teams. Each team keeps a bucket in the sand a few metres from the sea. Using shovels, small cups or large shells, take turns racing to the water and back to fill your team’s bucket with sea water. The first team with a full bucket wins!

3. Beach art

Collect shells along the shore and use them to create a mosaic on the beach. Draw the outline in the sand with your finger or a stick, then fill it with beautiful shells.

4. Sand pictionary

When the tide is out and the sand is flat and damp, you have the perfect canvas for sand pictionary! Use words like “beach”, “mermaid” and “crab”. When one team has guessed the drawing correctly, move to a new, smooth spot and carry on.

5. Dig a hole

This is a game that kids have been playing on the beach forever! Dig and dig and dig to see how deep you can go.

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